'Liquid' author event with Mr. B's Emporium

'Liquid' author event with Mr. B's Emporium

22nd Oct 2018 6:30pm - 8pm

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Sometimes dangerous, often delightful, and always fascinating, discover the secret lives of liquids from one of our best-known scientists, Mark Miodownik. In his new book Liquid, Miodownik unlocks the mysterious properties of the slippery, dark, explosive, delicious and poisonous liquids that airport security are rightly worried about and that we have come to rely on.

If you're in possession of the sort of analytical mind that thrives on fascinating scientific facts, then Miodownik brings them alive in a captivating new way, revealing why liquids flow up a tree and how to make the perfect cup of tea. 

Bring friends or come on your own for an insightful evening on the substances that flow through our lives in the atmospheric surrounds of The Dispensary.